Ferailles – “Knot Just A Furniture Shop!”

  • Rest assured, every item you find on here and in store was selected personally, we love handmade
  • We travel the world to far-flung villages and settlements forging relationships with the finest producers who become lifelong friends as we work with them to bring a taste of their lives back to the UK for our customers to share, enjoy and come to treasure
  • Hand picked, selected we sell with complete pride. Passionate about bringing the finest goods for the fairest prices is our method of Fair Trade
  • Starting out in 1976 with Antiques we began to bring back beautiful unique furniture and artefacts to share with the diverse London crowd.  Overtime we moved to East Anglia, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire where we were became a Pine furniture wholesaler and retail operator in England
  • Throughout these years, we have widened our network of producers – some we have worked with all that time
  • Principally we originally imported of the now famous ‘Wooden Hand Chair’ which enjoyed huge popularity in the ‘90s
  • Specialising in the unusual, our range of goods is extremely quirky, totally one-off
  • We consistently stock reclaimed unique products that include thrones, cartwheel benches, exquisitely upholstered Indian chairs, stunning ornate carved beds to buddha heads. Carpets and rugs, lamps made from land slide dredged woods that block agricultural land from producing crops in the flood plains of Thailand, embellished fabric bags in vibrant jewel colours from the Far East, banqueting benches, rich bridesmaids’ saris and trimmed with shells and necklaces right through to novel, contemporary and dry humoured greetings cards and art
  • All of our wares come with their own story and will become much loved and part of your family story for generations to come