Dragon Twig Pencil


Very unique, these Twig pencils are lovingly handmade and therefore full of individual character.  Add real class to every stationary set in the land, be wise just like real dragons!

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Dragon pencil(s)
  • Dragons – Immersed in mythology and mystic, deep in all cultures they are big and popular for the 2013 and 2014 season to date
  • Every child loves these beautiful and well made stylish pencils
  • Handcrafted in Northern Thailand by Buddhists
  • Made using highly sustainable Acacia Wood, they use sawdust and resin to make these fascinating and individually popular “rare” characters come to life with individuality
  • Quantity discounts are available, the price shown is for one piece only
  • Packaging is Recycled
  • Approximately 18 cm long
  • All handmade items can differ/vary

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Dimensions 20 × 4 cm