Ornate Handcarved Standing Wooden Buddha – Medium


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  • A beautifully ornate, solid wood carving of Buddha, the founder of Buddhism
  • All our Buddhas have been carved in Bali using a traditional method of the island, the carver has taken years perfecting his or her skill to able to create work to this standard
  • When depicting Buddha, the positioning of the hands (Mudra) is very important and different Mudra represent different things. Here, Buddha’s left hand is in the Varada Mudra (‘the Mudra of generosity’) and this represents Buddha’s compassionate and giving nature. His right hand is in the Abhaya Mudra (‘the mudra of fearlessness’) representing protection and peace
  • Approximately 40cm high – this is a medium sized carving, especially in compared to our XXL sizes
  • Origin: Bali, Indonesia
  • All our Buddhas are blessed by the very makers, bringing good wishes to all surroundings and owners in one


Important Handmade Product Customer Notice:

  • This product is entirely handmade and natural variations should be expected, goods received may differ in a number of ways from the picture shown, especially in regard to colours & patterns though other possible slight natural variations may occur. This should be seen as an asset not a fault – we believe it is better to have a unique item than mass conformity
  • If you have a specific request please leave us a note in order comments on the basket screen and we will try our best to find an approximate match for you