Traditional Artisan Nepalese Singing Bowl – 34cm


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  • Special ONE OFF
  • Stunningly hand etched
  • Unique large singing bowl has a fantastic sound with a wonderful, lingering sustain
  • The etching in the centre is of Buddha in the ‘touching the earth’ mudra with an alms bowl
  • Around the outside of the bowl are six more depictions of Buddha in different positions surrounded by intricate dragon etchings
  • Included with the bowl is a large brocade cushion and a top quality stick
  • We have a small selection of truly unique pieces hand picked from our latest trip to Nepal. Each piece is listed individually



  • Rest the singing bowl in the palm of the hand; hold smaller bowls on the fingertips
  • Hold the striker in the middle with all fingertips pointing downwards
  • Gently tap the striker against the side of the bowl to ‘warm it up’
  • With an even pressure, rub the striker clockwise around the outside rim of the bowl
  • Use a full arm movement just like stirring a big pan of soup
  • Try to keep the striker straight and remember to apply pressure
  • Let the sound build up slowly as the singing bowl picks up the vibration

Weight: 3874g
Diameter: 34cm
Origin: Nepal