Newspaper Gift Bags. (Set of 5x bags at 25 x 30 cm – Hindustani Times NGO Bags)


  • The purchase of these wonderful bags directly supports disadvantaged Children and Families
  • Do good / Feel good / Support good

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Handmade Newspaper Gift Bags (Medium size = 25 x 30 cm)

  • The price is for 5 x assorted gift bags, all the same size, including FREE UK P&P

Background info:

  • Generally made using the Hindustani Times.  You could not be supporting a better “Non Government Organisation” tasked with clearing up a child slum.  This is just one of hundreds of projects, created to help assist these children and families alike
  • By purchasing these bags, you will have helped an organisation that was started in 2004 by “Grown up” street children
  • To date the group has helped over 50 street children, by locating and funding specialised services, such as, counselling, education, food and shelter
  • Sometimes they have helped the children return home, others looked after until they are adults
  • This group has created employment for 60 families in the surrounding village, who combined are skilled and tasked with creating these wonderful bags