4 Owl’s – Handmade Fabric Home & Garden Owl Chime/Chimes


Handmade Fabric Owl Chime. 4 Owl’s. Perfect for all children, homes and gardens. Lovely…

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Owl chime, owl chimes hand crafted in Northern Thailand
  • These chimes have up to 4 lovingly handmade and sewn fabric owls, each about 7 cm in size, the whole chime is approximately 85cm in length when hung up
  • Child, home and garden friendly these fantastic little owls charm all spaces and people alike.  It takes no wise owl to understand that these are very popular in the home
  • Quantity discounts always available, please contact us in order to discuss your exact requirements
  • plastic packet & header
  • The price is for one piece only and includes FREE UK P&P
  • European enquiries simply contact us first