Nodding Dragon Hanging Bamboo Mobile Wind Chime – Large


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These beautifully handmade wind chimes offer a tranquil and soothing sound to our Gardens, Conservatories and outside spaces. Great fun and novel these are very popular gifts.

Lovingly handmade, moulded, detailed, finished and blessed by Buddhists. We hope it offers the same enjoyment to you, that our regulars in store have found. This is a particularly popular present for all Garden and Conservatory lovers alike!

Let the wind nod this dragon’s head to it’s hearts content. Great fun. Must have gifts, shop unique. Shop with us

  • Never machine finished
  • Carries a lovely tone and relaxing sound when in use
  • Sustainably sourced, made with Coconut and Bamboo
  • The Animals by type and design sit at the top and the wind chime instrument is underneath. Some designs come with tilting heads, much like this Colourful Bird has! Designs may differ. Always carved by hand and blessed by the fair Buddhist that made it
  • Hanging Bamboo Wind Chimes are very popular to both give or receive, apt for all occasions and spaces these beauties are almost always best bought in three’s for greatest harmony, luck and tradition
  • Handmade it’s approx 102 cm in total length when hung
  • All our handmade goods can and do differ slightly, it’s all about the character
  • Packaging is recycled Paper & Bubble
  • Price is for one piece and includes UK P&P