Candy Skull Face Masks



Candy Skull Face Masks

  • Bold brightly coloured Wooden masks decorated in a style reminiscent of candy skulls
  • Made to celebrate “Día de Muertos,” the Mexican Day of the Dead festival
  • During this festival, family members and friends gather together to celebrate the lives of lost ones
  • The origins of these skulls can be traced all the way back to the Aztecs
  • Known colloquially as ‘calacas’ in Mexican Spanish
  • Often displayed with flowers and foliage
  • Depicted in a joyous manner with bright colours
  • Our skulls are inspired by this Mexican tradition and are handmade and painted in Bali by skilled artisans
  • Wooden: Not edible
  • Approx: 12cm × 18cm × 7cm
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Available in Liquorice (off Black) OR Cream
  • Great fun, mystical with true meaning, amazing and alternative gifts, these offer everyone that something different

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Candy Skull Masks

Custard, Liquorice, Cream

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