Tribal Chilean Cactus Rainstick – Small


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  • This attractive rain stick is made from a length of naturally fallen cactus
  • The spines are pushed back through the hardened skin, into the hollow body of the instrument
  • This is filled with tiny gravel and the ends are then sealed
  • The Cactus’ spines allow for the gravel to trickle slowly down through the obstructions when upended, making a beautiful rain like sound
  • Primitive rain stick music instruments are believed to have been an Aztec invention, created in the belief that they could bring about rainstorms
  • Our rain sticks are handmade in Chile and feature a woven piece of traditional Chilean fabric wrapped around the instrument
  • Approx: 25 cm in length & 5cm ∅ in diameter
  • This is a natural product and shapes will vary slightly and come with different coloured cotton banding as standard
  • Origin: Chile



This product is entirely handmade and natural variations should be expected, goods received may differ in a number of ways from the picture shown, especially in regard to colours & patterns though other possible slight natural variations may occur. This should be seen as an asset not a fault – we believe it is better to have a unique item than mass conformity.

If you have a specific request please leave us a note in order comments on the basket screen and we will try our best to find an approximate match for you.