Gold Buddha Face Mask


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Gold Buddha Mask

  • A beautifully hand carved wooden Buddha mask that looks great on any wall
  • Not unlike our natural wood Buddha mask, except this version is covered in gold leaf effect paint and decorated with inlaid mirrors
  • Gold is a very important colour in the Buddhist tradition and is associated strongly with the sun
  • The colour is frequently used in association with depictions of Buddha and other deities to denote knowledge and enlightenment
  • Made using vegetable based paints
  • No machines whatsoever, this has proved to be a really popular
  • Lovingly handmade, cured, carved and finished by Balinese Buddhists
  • Dark Albesia wood is finished Gold leaf style paints, mirror touching which gives a real sun symbolic appeal
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Buddhas’ in all forms are very popular to both give or receive, apt for all occasions and spaces these beauties are almost always best bought for luck, tradition and giving
  • Handmade it’s approx H25xW18xD11cm
  • All our handmade goods can and do differ slightly, it’s all about the character
  • Packaging is recycled Paper & Bubble