Tribal Dot Decorated Thunder Shakers (Small & Large)


  • Please remember to create thunder responsibly, thank you!


Hugely popular thunder shaker range is played by holding the tube section and allowing the metal spring to dangle freely, the instrument is then gently shaken from side to side. This creates a fantastically realistic thunder sound which must be heard to be believed! The more vigour the instrument is shaken with, the more of a booming thunderclap the player is able to produce.

This Fair Trade instrument is hand crafted in Bali and is decorated with beautiful and colourful dot painting. Each shaker will have its own uniquely handsome design because of this careful process of embellishment.

When using this instrument it is possible to produce a wealth of other interesting noises with experimentation. One staff favourite is to tap the spring with a pencil whilst it is reverberating to create a sound uncannily like a tube train rattling through the underground. Try it yourself and see what other atmospheric sound effects you can create with your thunder shaker!

  • Tribal Thunder shakers are designed to mimic the and re-create the powerful sounds of natures thunder storms for the purpose of evoking the gods via dance
  • A thunder maker with a creative and beautiful painted pattern – various designs, all vary as each one is Tribal dot painted
  • Quantity discounts are available
  • Packaging: Recycled Bubble wrap & paper
  • The price is for one piece
  • Small Size = Approx 48 cm long including spring ∅ × 19 cm
  • Large Size = Approx 68 cm long including spring ∅ × 23 cm
  • Spring: 40 cm in length – Designs vary
  • Origin: Indonesia

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Tribal Thunder Shakers

Small, Large